Smart Learning Skills Program for Students


Markopadesh is a smart learning program for students from standard 7th to 12th.
In this program, the student is focused on both the learning as well as the scoring efforts. This is done using a practical approach towards learning, leveraging new age techniques like systems thinking, design thinking, conceptual tool making, engineering and creative problem solving. We also leverage from psychological frameworks and medically proven techniques in addition to the nuances of mental mapping and system engineering.
With the help of Markopadesh the student has benefits in stress reduction, reduced learning effort, providing ways to score and enhanced conceptual clarity.
The sessions are highly interactive with a series of powerfull tools and techiniques that make it a fun to learn and easy to implement process.
Up till now over 20,000 students are benefitted globally through this program.

i-PRO Program

Stressing Success for Students & Faculty


i-PRO is a unique program for both students as well as faculty members.

For more details contact mark-ipro@promacert.com