For Graduate Students & Young Professionals


The EsProMa Certification is an international industry led certification which stands for "The Essentials of Project Management" Certification and is specially designed for students and young professionals who want to work in the area of project management. Interested students can register directly with us or with one of our designated centers globally.
Careers in projects typically have a higher pay-off than other areas. The average fresher in projects, earns a minimum 10% per annum, more than other streams. Therefore, it is one of the 'hot' areas of placement today. In fact, project management is the discipline that offers the highest opportunities of employment in India today. In the coming decade, a minimum of 10 million jobs are envisaged in project-based functions in India alone.
The professionals who successfully clear the EsProMa Certification are also eligible for a live capstone project, subject to good performance. These internships would give the young professionals a flavor for the practical industrial environments and would also provide them with leads for subsequent career placements.
The assessment exam is conducted round the year at our centers. It is a paper based test.


For Middle Level & Senior Level Professionals>


The AdProMa Certification stands for "Advance Project Management" Certification which is specialized to assess the managers in assessing their skillsets with a global standard and go beyond the realms of his conventional functional areas and address business relevant and specific skills which are required for professionals across all industries. It is based upon decision framework which incorporates faculties of Project Management, Strategy Management, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and General Management.
The topics in AdProMa are divided into two parts:

Eligibility for the test is professional with an experience of 3+ years in the area of Project Management.
The assessment exam is conducted round the year at our centers. It is a paper-based test.


For Project Professionals from Public and Private Enterprises


The Public Project Management (PuProMa) Test is a certification for government officials and industry experts related with government projects which helps them to look beyond processes and steer projects to success in given eco-system.
The test is a specialized testing instrument that touches on critical skills in areas including project management, business management, systems thinking and design thinking; all from a projects perspective that is specially catering to public projects and public-private partnership projects.
The certification is directed to provide the required specialized knowledge that would help improve the responsibility and the accountability of bureaucrats and officials in the government departments while implementing initiatives in their capacities.
Government officials responsible for projects worth over INR 10 crore (2 Million USD) are eligible.
Team members of various projects that are of INR 10 crore (2 Million USD) or over are eligible.
The assessment exam is conducted round the year at our centers. It is a paper-based test.