L&D Servicess

360 Degree Audit for Corporates


In order to deliver our promise, we use a proprietary framework developed at Consulting Connoisseurs. This framework is called the PATCHES Framework, standing for Process Application Technology Context Humane Efficacy and Strategy (PATCHES). And our solutions connect each of these dimensions to help the user leverage from our unique offerings. In short, this framework takes care of all the necessary dimensions required for successful delivery of any certification system.

Curriculum Improvement

For in-house Competency Assessment


Corporates can opt for curriculum improvement program if they have an in-house certification standard or they have a certification program through some other strategic partner.
We provide you with standards which are accepted globally for your certifications.
Project Management 3.0 is the latest area and needs to be addressed properly, we provide you with the services to imbibe this concept in your current operational paradgim. the key outcomes of this program include:
1. Benchmark current training program : We benchmark your current training programs.
2. Consultative Inclusion of Content : We assist you in improving your certification content.
3. Collaborative Assessment : With help of collabrative assessment you can have a proper assessment of the employee about how he has done and how he is doing after training.
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Management Development

RoI focused Training Programs


Development-based Transformations are multi-dimensional challenges faced by modern HR. To be successful, they need to work out a balanced portfolio among the complex scenarios.
All our Programs use the Latest Tools in Systems Thinking and Design Thinking to identify the Contents, design the Delivery and secure the Effectiveness of our Programs. In other words, they are Top Notch Programs in their Faculties.
The Training Pyramidal Model ensures that there are the right programs for every management need. It optimizes the three parameters of Mode, Faculty and the Target Segment.
This program is conducted by our parent company Consulting Connoisseurs.